Nomadix Pacific Outfitters Sustainable Gear
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Sustainable Brands Highlight 

Here’s a brand that really inspires! Check out these good works from the folks at Nomadix.

Nomadix social purpose corporation

Corporate Responsibility

As a social purpose corporation, Nomadix supports global sustainability efforts, recycling industries and safe work environments that help make the products you love.

Nomadix towels made from recycled plastic bottles

Environmentally Sustainable Innovation

Nomadix creates durable and versatile products, using recycled materials that have diverted 18,200,000 plastic bottles from landfills. 

1% for the Planet

Charitable Giving

Nomadix partners with organizations that protect the environment, such as 1% for the Planet, The Conservation Alliance, and Ecology Project.

Visit our locations in Ukiah or Eureka to see the selection of sustainable gear from Nomadix.

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