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Sustainable Brands Highlight – Nemo Equipment

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Sustainable Brands Highlight 

Here’s a brand that really inspires! Check out these good works from the folks at Nemo Equipment.

Nemo Equipment at Pacific Outfitters
Nemo at Pacific Outfitters

Lifetime Warranty, Repair and Trade-in Programs

Nemo is a brand that’s really committed to making products last a lifetime. Need spare parts or repairs? They’ve got you covered. Ready to trade in your gear? They’ve got you there, too. And every one of their products is backed with a lifetime warranty!

Blue Sign

Environmentally Sustainable Innovation

By making recyclable products and using upcycled and reclaimed materials in production, Nemo Equipment creates products in ways that use fewer resources, produce less waste, and stay in use longer.

Climate Action Corps

Corporate Responsibility

As they say, with great gear, comes great responsibility. Nemo is committed to reducing their emissions and using their brand platform to influence society and politics with the goal of reversing climate change. They promote social justice, diversity, and inclusivity.

Visit our locations in Ukiah or Eureka to see the selection of sustainable gear from Nemo Equipment.

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