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Bio Ammo Pacific Outfitters Sustainable Gear

Sustainable Brands Highlight – BIO AMMO

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Sustainable Brands Highlight 

BioAmmo at Pacific Outfitters

BIO AMMO is revolutionizing the ammunition industry! Check out what sets this sustainable brand apart.

BioAmmo shotshells at Pacific Outfitters

Innovative Materials

BIO AMMO shotshells are plastic-free and 100% biodegradable and compostable.
They use biopolymers from agricultural waste. When the wads and hulls come into contact with living organisms such as algae, fungi and bacteria, they are transformed into compost!
BIO AMMO wads and hulls do not generate any micro-plastics.

Box of BioAmmo shells

Excellent Performance

BIO AMMO shot shells are not affected by sunlight or moisture. They can be stored for longer periods than water-soluble wads.

BioAmmo manufacturing

Responsible Manufacturing

BIO AMMO wads and hulls are designed, manufactured and assembled in their modern factory in Europe.

All BIO AMMO shotshells are loaded with premium double base powders, made in the USA.

Visit our locations in Ukiah or Eureka to see the selection of sustainable ammunition from BIO AMMO.

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