This is a must have for any outdoor gear geek. There is nothing like this out there that performs to this caliber at this price ($499). When you are looking through the binoculars, you are actually looking at an HD screen (720p). It has a digital zoom and when you zoom the clarity is still 720p.

You also have the ability to record what you are looking at. It records at 1080p. Even when you use the digital zoom, it’s still recording at 1080p. This also has built-in Night Vision. You can also download their free app and you can view what you are seeing through the app, in real time. This is great if you have a friend that wants to see what you are looking at.

You can see all the other features it comes with too (Wifi, GPS, GeoTag, Digital Compass, Velocity, Image Stabilization, Altitude, etc.). Anyone can find a use for these digital binoculars. If you are a gear geek or know of a gear geek, this is a must have item