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Hobie Kayaks - Pacific Outfitters

Gear Guide: New 2017 Hobie Fishing Kayaks

What’s new for 2017?

  • Hobie Mirage 180 (Reverse Drive) are now coming stock with all the new 2017 Mirage Drive kayaks
  • Hobie Outback & Pro Anglers are now available in CAMO
  • Hobie Quest 11′ & 13 have received complete makeovers
  • Lots of new Hobie Kayak Accessories for 2017

Hobie Mirage Drive 180

Hobie Mirage Drive 180 - Pacific Outfitters

Hobie Pro Angler w/ Mirage Drive 180 – See store for pricing & availability.

Hobie Outback w/ Mirage Drive 180 – See store for pricing & availability.

Hobie Quest 11′ – See store for pricing & availability.

Hobie Quest 13′ – See store for pricing & availability.

Hobie Quest 13 - Pacific Outfitters

We have a huge selection of Hobie Kayak Fishing accessories!

Hobie Kayak Accessories - Pacific Outfitters
Cuda Brand Fishing Tools - Pacific Outfitters

Gear Guide: Cuda Brand Fishing Tools

Why Cuda Brand Fishing Tools?

Cuda Brand has launched one of the most comprehensive lines of fishing tools. The tools are created with a breakthrough design that allows the angler to actually see that the knife has a full tang construction. In addition, Cuda brand tools utilize Acme’s patented Titanium Bonded Passivation technology and German 4116 steel for unsurpassed corrosion resistance. This intelligent innovation sets the assortment apart for all other tools available today. Cuda uses only the best in materials including Titanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, German Stainless Steel and Tungsten Carbide, this gives you the ultimate in performance. In addition, all Cuda products come with a lifetime warranty!

Breakthrough Clean - Pacific Outfitters

Gear Guide: Breakthrough Clean – Grease/Lubricant/Solvent

Why Breakthrough Clean?

  • Eco friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Rust and corrosion protection
  • Facilitates cleaning
  • Water and steam resistant
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Has a flashpoint of 150°F and is therefore considered non-flammable
  • Non-melting
  • Wont gum up
  • Odorless
  • Non-staining
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Great for use on firearms, knives, bows and even fishing reels
  • Made in the USA
  • They have the widest temperature range (-75°F to +510°F).

For those reasons, that is why we feel Breakthrough is the best solvent, oil, & grease in the industry!

We have free samples in our store, if you would like to “try before you buy”.

Breakthrough Clean - Pacific Outfitters
Breakthrough Clean - Pacific Outfitters
Breakthrough Clean - Pacific Outfitters
Breakthrough Clean - Pacific Outfitters
Breakthrough Clean - Pacific Outfitters
Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters

Gear Guide: Pitbull Saltwater Bottom Fishing Tackle

Why Pitbull Tackle?

Pitbull Tackle is a newer, smaller company that sure knows how to make beautiful & effective bottom fishing tackle. Pitbull uses glow in the dark and UV enhanced materials. This will guarantee your tackle will be highly visible under the water. They also use premium hooks on all their tackle. Pitbull has spent years developing this product and now it’s available at Pacific Outfitters.

The Killer – 4oz. / 6oz. / 8oz.

Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters
Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters
Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters
Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters

2-Hook Bottom Fishing Rig

Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters
Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters
Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters
Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters

Dead Fall Jig – Mimics the sinking pattern of dying fish. (4oz. / 5oz. / 6oz.)

Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters
Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters
Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters
Pitbull Tackle - Pacific Outfitters
2017 Turkey Season Opener - Pacific Outfitters

Gear Guide: 2017 Turkey Season


Flextone Thunder Creeper Strutter Turkey Decoy - $49.99

The Flextone Thuder Creeper Strutter Turkey decoy is the newest design in turkey decoys. It only shows the first 1/4 of the turkey breast, this makes it easy for transport. It comes with a folding jake fan, but you can also use real feathers. This decoy is lighter in weight than a full body decoy. It also comes with a realistic paint scheme.

Style# FG-DCOY-00316

Avian-X Half Strut Jake Decoy - $109.99

The Avian-X half strut decoy has a true-to-life body posture, incredible detailing put on with no-flake paint. The half strut turkey decoy is 15% smaller than the real version which keeps it nonthreatening and portable. It is very hard to tell the difference between the Avian-X half strut decoy and the real thing. The head is in a sub-dominant position. This decoy attracts all gobblers.

Style# 8012

Flextone Thunder Chicken Turkey - $39.99

Durable blow-molded, one-piece decoys boast realistic painted feather details and true-to-life postures that attract potential suitors and jealous rivals. Each easy-to-pack Flextone Thunder Chick Hen Decoy includes a carbon-fiber stake. Relaxed feather positioning adds another level of confidence. The Feeding Hen signifies contentment, as her low head, body and relaxed feather placement all convey a hen intent on her next bite to eat.

Style# FG-DCOY-00314

GOBBLER SHAKER CALL - Pacific Outfitters
Primos Cutting Hen Call - Pacific Outfitters
Primos Turkey Starter Pack - Pacific Outfitters

Primos Gobbler Shaker Call - $12.99

This is a super loud Gobbler Shaker call that comes with a silencer cap so you don’t make calls while you are on the move.

Style# PS222

Primos Cuttin' Hen Turkey Call - $5.99

This is a triple reed design, made from a super thin latex material. This half moon cut mouth call makes medium raspy yelps, clucks, cuts, and cackles.

Style# PS111

Primos Turkey Starter Pack - $29.99

1 double-sided box call, 1 Sonic Dome slate pot with Slim striker, 1 Sonic Dome Double with BAT cut diaphragm mouth call, 1 conditioning kit, and 1 carry-all case.

HEVI-METAL-Turkey_Product - Pacific Outfitters
Winchester SXP Shotgun - Pacific Outfitters

ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Grand Slam Turkey Vest - $119.99

The NWTF Grand Slam Turkey vest is the ultimate turkey vest on the market today. Featuring state of the art features such as the “sit anywhere” kickstand frame, thick padded fold away seat, a smart-phone sleeve that allows you to use your phone while it’s still in the pack, and a removable diaphragm call pocket among many others, this vest delivers. Other features include shell loops, H2O compatibility, side compression straps, two water bottle pockets, detachable shoulder straps and a protective and silent box call pocket.

Style #8419188

HEVI-Metal Turkey Shot - Starting at $11.99/box

HEVI-Metal Turkey combines steel shot with revolutionary HEVI-Shot pellets into a layered shot shell. This results in more clean kills, less recoil than our standard turkey loads, and easier on the wallet.

Style# 33345 & Style# 30045

Winchester SXP 12ga. - $349.99 through March

Winchester SXP shotgun is light weight, centered balance and instant pointability firsthand. This is one of the best “bang for the buck” shotguns on the market.

Item # 2-1009249

Franklin Armory Drop In Fixed Magazine - Pacific Outfitters

Gear Guide: Franklin Drop-In Fixed Magazine (DFM) by Pacific Outfitters

Franklin Armory Drop In Fixed Magazine - Pacific Outfitters

Franklin Armory’s Drop-In Fixed Magazine (DFM)

Franklin Armoy’s Drop-In Fixed Magazine is a great affordable way to be 2017 California Compliant. This magazine can only be installed when the rear takedown pin is pulled and the action is open. It only drops in from the top.

In order to drop it in, you must remove your factory bolt catch, drop the magazine in, then re-install your bolt catch. This will create a fixed magazine and your magazine release button will be useless, at this point.

NOTE: If you want to easily insert and remove your Franklin Drop-In Fixed Magazine, then you will want to install the Franklin DFM Bolt Catch. See Below.

Franklin Armory’s DFM Bolt Catch

You are NOT REQUIRED to use the Franklin Armory DFM Bolt Catch in order to use the Franklin Armory Drop-In Fixed Magazine. The Franklin Armory DFM Bolt Catch allows you to easily insert and remove the Drop-In Fixed Magazine when you pull the rear takedown pin and open the action.

If you keep your original bolt catch you have to remove your bolt catch, drop in your fixed magazine, and then install your bold catch back into your AR-15.  Using your factory bold catch DOES NOT allow you to easily remove your fixed magazine. In order to remove your fixed magazine you must REMOVE your factory bolt catch first. Or you can reload your fixed magazine with the rear takedown pin pulled an action open.

Franklin Armory DFM Bolt Catch - Pacific Outfitters
Franklin Armory DFM Bolt Catch - Pacific Outfitters

Partnering up Franklin Armory’s DFM with the MEAN ARMS MA-Loader would be a perfect and affordable way to be 2017 California Compliant with you AR-15.  See the video of the MA Loader below.

The Drop-In Fixed Magazine (DFM) and Bolt Catch from Franklin Armory is staff approved and available at Pacific Outfitters.

MEAN ARMS - MA Loader - Pacific Outfitters

Gear Guide: MEAN ARMS by Pacific Outfitters

The MA Loader from MEAN ARMS is a perfect way to stay California compliant without registering your AR-15 as an Assault Weapon. You are loading your magazine through the ejection port on your AR-15. One push of the MA Loader will load your AR-15 in a fraction of a second. You can lock your magazine into you AR-15 with their magazine lock or with the ARMagLock, then do all your reloading with your MA Loader. This method means you don’t need to pull your pin and open your receiver in order to reload. This is by far one of the best ways to stay compliant and not loose any time reloading your firearm.

You can purchase it in three configurations:

  • MA Loader w/o Feedramp
  • MA Loader with Feedramp
  • MA Loader with Feedramp & Lockable Mag Release


  • Designed for an AR-15
  • Fits MIL-SPEC Receivers
  • 223/556 Caliber
  • 10 Round Capacity
  • No gun modification needed to use the MA Loader
  • Ejection door only needs to be removed if you want to install the Feedramp. Feedramp is not required.

The MA Loader from MEAN ARMS is staff approved and available for pre-order at Pacific Outfitters.